Writing for fun

Written by Jonathan Bowers

Blogging is hard. For me the technology often gets in the way. Blogging services are easy, but they are often missing things I want (like code highlighting). Self-hosted blog systems have come a long ways, but seem to involve too much work to maintain. I just want to write the way I want to write.

I'm a developer. I use vim and love markdown. As much as I enjoy technology and web, I don't want another thing to maintain. Enter Wintersmith.

This allows me to spend more of my time writing in a way that I want to write and not have to spend any time dealing with everything else involved in running a blog. I enjoy the process of writing and I think I have some things of value to write about and until now have always felt that the technology was getting in my way.

My goal is to publish roughly once or twice per month. From each post I hope to learn things about the process. I have no content focus other than stuff that interests me, and might interest others.

We'll see where this goes.